My name is Alice and i am the CEO and Founder of OCT Services.

I have always worked in stimulating environments. Thanks to my creativity and my wish of new experiences and changes, i started my career in sales when i was very young and now i am an expert of communication and marketing.

After 7 years of experience in direct selling, i choose the phone as the best sale “strategy”. Throughout the years, i have understood, tried and verified that thanks to the phone calls, we can achieve amazing goals that door to door and other marketing methods are not able to realize.

The main marketing instrument that we use is the lead generation, the research of customers using telemarketing.

Obstinacy and tenacity can describe my professional profile and my personality because, despite some difficult moments, i am leading a positive team and i manged to increase the sales volume of many companies.

Since 2011, i work with highly motivated professionals who bring extensive knowledge in call center services for a variety of industries.


How can we help you?


If you have a company which needs the promotion of its products and services, or you are a sales agent who needs accurate appointments without losing your time and your money, we offer:


Market analysis, taking into consideration supply and demand

Evaluation of the commodities sector and its needs

Accurate appointments in order to connect your business with the target customer. After that, your job is just to close the deal







How do we work?


Deep knowledge of the service you would like to sell ( strategic position of your business)


Market analysis, evaluation of supply and demand (peak demand period)


Study and choice of the commodities sectors you would like to refer (target)


Choice of the strategy in order to catch the attention of your potencial customers (writing of the script)


Who are our customers?

They are not just customers, they are partners and coworkers who use our job for their goals.


It is my pleasure to introduce you my staff:





Build together, stay together, work together!