Promoters are among the main methods for advertising large structures, single stores and stands. During the last few years they have become an essential marketing instrument.
We avail ourselves of competent internal resources with proven experience.

Contact Gathering/Appointment Scheduling
Presentable staff used to direct contact with the public, who aim to the realisation of your objectives gathering contacts or appointments, with previous eperience as promoter or door to door.

In Store Promotions
Objective-oriented promoters working inside shopping centres or single stores to captivate the target of your choice, with determination and passion, without neglecting education and privacy.

Hostess & Steward Service
Hostessesand Stewards with previous experience in trade fairs, conventions, meetings and conferences. We manage the reception and registration of participants, hall presence, constant support for any need, in a foreign language as well, when needed. We can provide Hostesses and Stewards for inaugurations, fairs, product launches and every kind of event.