Data-Entry is the manual insertion of hardcopy or electronic data in a database on a multimedia device.

We offer a quick, effiient and timely data entry service, giving you the opportunity to reorganise your documents to use them in a quicker and simpler way. You can see different examples and choose the one that fits your company best.
We also consider specific softwares, provided by you, used in your company (e.g. CRM softwares).

We create, based on your needs, detailed and neat specifications of customer records:

  • Product family and areas of interest
  • Business name
  • Complete address
  • Phone number
  • Name of contact person distinguished by sector (owner, energy supervisor, sales supervisor, etc.)
  • Mobile phone when available
  • E-mail address when available
  • Accessory and optional data such as:
    • household bill, chosen provider
    • in possession of a photovoltaic system
    • landline and mobile phone provider of choice
    • stationery supplier
    • information on number and placement of employees
    • information on sales volume

With the data aquired by our data entry service we can lay the foundation for our telemarketing campaign, or you can use the customer records for your own internal campaign.