Your company or agency has numerous establishments in Italy and you’re thinking of opening a new branch in Piedmont?

We will put our skills and experience at your disposal to manage the whole process of creating your branch, in a suitable and inexpensive way:

  • Study of the type of activity and drafting of the business plan, with budget and duration
  • Study and planning of necessary personnel, salaries/commissions and contracts with the labour consultant
  • Contextually, research of office staff and telephone operators for scheduling appointments, sales agents for your product/service
  • Training course for telephone operators and agents
  • Research of a suitable establishment for your business (office or street depending of necessity)
  • Office furniture
  • Setup of contracts for utilities and telephone line, rental of printers and other devices, telephone system, stationery and anything else you need in your offices
  • Opening and inauguration of the branch
  • Start-up and following support for the agreed period

We guarantee our constant commitment and structured work method and ethic, thanks to which our team can bring a boost in sales to your business.

If you don’t want or can’t open a branch and first want to understand if your business with us will work, we can grant usufruct of one or more of the workstations in our office, for as long as you need them.

We can work out together the most suitable solution for you, never losing focus of your sales objectives, improving the commercial presence of your products/services.