Telemarketing allows fixing accurate appointments for an elegant and precise approach with your potencial customers and it anticipates your business meeting.

It is not a job suitable foreverybody. In fact, good dialectic, good communication and selection skills are necessary, with perseverance and respect for the spokesperson.

At the OCT Services you do not find the traditional call centre:  large work stations full of headphones, pc and dividers, with people who think that this is a temporary job in a period of crysis.

No, the job in our call centre is completely different.

Now, think about a person who has chosen telemarketing as his/ her career. Our operators believe in the value of a phone call. When it is professional, polite and, why not, funny, it can lead to gather the appointment.

The presentation of the company represented, the subject, the result and the conclusive sentences must be explained in a few minutes, following a tested script, in order to catch your potential cistomer’s attention.

Another important skill for an efficient telemarketing service is to avoid forcing the appointments, in order to evade a useless waste of time and money for the sales manager.

Thanks to the variety of experiences of our professionals, we can support one another for every telemarketing campaign.

Moreover, due to the small environment where we work, we can keep under control the work method, with a particular focus on the smallest details.

If you already tried services provided by a call centre and you were not satisfied, tell us about your experience, we can motivate to compare oure way of working, because we believe in our method concerning telemarketing.

Telemarketing for appointments is the top of the range among our services.

Discover our prices and the best package for you in our section telemarketing prices.

For any further information, please contact us, we are glad to help you.

We adopt a price per hour for power/gas companies, phone companies or for companies that serve private consumers.