Looking for business opportunities in Italy?

In today’s global environment, more and more companies are looking for opportunities in international markets to help grow their business. However, being such a time-consuming and complex task, it can become a real challenge. By outsourcing telemarketing activities, you can avoid all this stress and focus just on running your business.

OCT Services offers bespoke B2B telemarketing solutions to help you establish your marketing presence in Italy. We are not the usual Call Center: with our knowledge and expertise, we put you in touch with companies potentially interested in your products or services, providing you with a real chance to expand your business.

Why us?

  • We offer a proven methodology for effective lead generation and market research at a fraction of the costs you would expect in your own country;
  • We have an extensive knowledge of the Italian market that allows us to become your trusted partner in building new relationship with Italian companies;
  • The possibility of different database profiling, adaptable to different needs;
  • Customer support assistance through email and telephone in different languages;
  • Dealer research.

Why Italy?

According to a market study by KPMG, “Made in Italy” is the third most known brand worldwide, after Coca-Cola and Visa. We are one of the world’s ten leading exporting nation. However, our country does not excel only in the so called “three F’s” (Food, Fashion, Furniture), but is also very competitive in sectors with a high growth potential: high-tech products, precision machinery, chemicals, nanotechnology and electronic goods, just to name a few.

Investing in Italy has always meant having a strategic gateway to Europe, not only due to our privileged geographic position, our unique cultural heritage but also because of our business culture in which foreign products and exports play a crucial role for industrial processes. Furthermore, the Italian government has recently implemented a new series of reforms designed to attract investment that will support the Italian economy.

We are more attractive than ever and welcome new financial and human capital!

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Project Plan: step by step

At the start of your project, we’ll develop a project plan and we’ll explain our methodology to you. Then, we’ll talk in detail about your company in order to gain a deep understanding of your business and choose the best way to enhance the impact of your project.

Next comes the planning stage, where we focus on the aimed target in order to define a feasible goal that can be adjusted with time as needed.

Last step is providing you with an exact estimate, that will vary according to the chosen service, its duration, target, working hours and objective difficulties.

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